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LUNATIC SOUL – "Fractured" VÖ: 06.10.2017

Album: Fractured
VÖ: 06.10.2017
Label: Kscope/Edel



Listening Video zu "Fractured":

Pressestimmen zum letzten Album:

eclipsed – Album des Monats – 9/10: "In neun Stücken breitet er eine Klangwelt aus, die ihresgleichen sucht. … Spätestens mit dieser Einspielung hat sich Mariusz Duda für eine Kooperation mit Steven Wilson empfohlen. Für eine Kooperation auf Augenhöhe."

Stereoplay – Album des Monats (Musik 9/10, Sound 8/10) 9/9: "Für mich ist WOAFB definitiv das Album des Jahres, aber auch ganz sicher eines jener Alben, die mich immer begleiten werden – das steht für mich außer Frage."

Audio 4/5: "….fast Depeche-Mode-artige Eleganz…"

Visions 9/12: "Die Eleganz, mit der er sein Soloprojekt Lunatic Soul in den vergangenen Jahren geformt hat, verdient höchste Anerkennung."

Gitarre & Bass: "….das Art-Rock-Experimentalisten , Pink Floyd Fans […] absolut faszinieren wird. Soundtrack pur!"

Good Times: "Der Weg von Prog Rock zu cineastischen Klangwerken, den Riverside Frontmann Mariusz Duda mit dem letzten Werk seines Nebenprojektes LS eingeschlagen hat, findet in Walking OAFLB einen vorläufigen Höhepunkt… Ebenso wie Steven Wilson zeigt Duda, dass er auf beiden Ebenen ein absoluter Könner ist."


Lunatic Soul is Mariusz Duda, the talented creator, singer and multi-instrumentalist behind some of the finest and most captivating progressive music coming from Europe, including his output on UK label Kscope and with Poland’s shooting stars Riverside. Duda is now releasing his fifth and long-awaited album Fractured – the follow up to 2014’s acclaimed Walking On A Flashlight BeamFractured, has been described by Duda as an album of catharsis after a challenging year in his personal life.

Mariusz explains further "the main theme of "Fractured" is coming back to life after a personal tragedy. It’s inspired by what happened in my life in 2016 and by everything that’s happening around us and what’s making us turn away from one another and divide into groups, for better and for worse. Musically it will be the most original album I have ever made as well as the most accessible and personal album in the Lunatic Soul discography."

As well as a conceptual development, Duda gained the self-confidence to allow himself greater creative freedom with the new material, experimenting more with electronics and rhythm and inspiration with influences from the likes of Massive Attack and Depeche Mode to Peter Gabriel and David SylvianFractured features Poland’s Sinfonietta Consonus Orchestra, conducted by Michał Mierzejewski, on two of the album’s most personal tracks “Crumbling Teeth And The Owl Eyes” and “A Thousand Shards Of Heaven”; the album also features saxophonist Marcin Odyniec who first worked with Mariusz in Riverside.

The album was recorded in Poland at Serakos Studio and Custom 34 Studio, mixed by Magda & Robert Srzedniccy and Mariusz Duda, and the artwork was created by long time collaborator, renowned cover artist Travis Smith, whose previous work includes the likes of Anathema, Katatonia, Opeth & Riverside.



Blood On The Tightrope [07:19]
Anymore [04:37]
Crumbling Teeth And The Owl Eyes[06:42]
Red Light Escape [05:43]
Fractured [04:36]
A Thousand Shards Of Heaven [12:17]
Battlefield [09:05]
Moving On [05:14]

Fractured will be released in the following formats:

  • CD
  • LP – double gatefold LP in heavyweight 180g vinyl in black and limited edition red vinyl (w/ MP3 download code)
  • Digital – with digital pre-orders receiving the song “Fractured” as an instant download


Follow Lunatic Soul online:

Twitter: @Marivsz_Riv

MORK – "Eremittens Dal" VÖ: 13.10.2017

Band: MORK
Album: Eremittens Dal
VÖ: 13.10.2017
Label: Peaceville/Edel



MORK – "I Hornenes Bilde"

(Video director Daniel Pedersen – Punkrockphoto)


"Many have tried, many have failed. Mork nails it" –Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone)

"I have seen the future of black metal, and its name is Mork. Halden Hellfire!.." -Seidemann(1349)

Peaceville Records is proud to announce the signing of Norwegian Black Metallers, Mork, for their third studio album, Eremittens Dal, to be released October 13th.

Mork was created by Thomas Eriksen in 2004 & was primarily a side-project for Eriksen from inception until the debut album release in 2013, & since then the band has rightly earned their accolade as one of the top Norwegian black metal acts of recent years, receiving strong endorsements from their peers.

Regarding signing to Peaceville:
"I remember when making Mork’s debut album, I originally got the inspiration from visiting Darkthrone’s studio, & the following year I get the honour of being picked out as Fenriz’s "BAND of the WEEK", as well as having Nocturno Culto supplying vocals to my second album. Obviously Darkthrone has been an important influence, & the fact that Peaceville Records decided to work with Mork and to release the third album, is nothing short of a huge honour and a pillar on my bucket-list. To go from making an album just for fun and being picked up by independent underground labels to then signing with Peaceville is an absolute dream come true"

Eremittens Dal stands as a tribute to the spirit of old-school Norwegian black metal. The album is primarily inspired by the works of Darkthrone & Burzum, complete with raw production & ice-cold riffs, but with its own dynamic and atmospheric twist; stepping effortlessly between the ferocious and the melancholy, covering themes of hate, death, seclusion and misanthropy, both lyrically and in the way that a one-man-band makes music in solitude, perfectly fitting of the title, translated as ‘Valley of the hermit’. The suitably grim pencil cover art comes courtesy of Jannicke Wiese-Hansen, who famously made artwork for early Burzum and Satyricon releases.

Eremittens Dal was recorded at Rottehullet Studio in Halden, Norway. It was mixed by Freddy Holm at Kleiva Studio & mastered at Enormous Door in the US (Darkthrone’s The Underground Resistance & Arctic Thunder). The album also includes special guest appearances from Dimmu Borgir’s Silenoz who contributes vocals on two tracks, plus additional bass parts from 1349’s Seidemann.

"Mork caught my attention a couple of years ago and I was immediately drawn to the atmospheric and reclusive soundscapes, enticed by the desolate and solitary approach – true to the old Norwegian Black Metal ways. It was as if I was thrown back in time. So when I got asked to add vocals on two tracks I didn’t hesitate to comply, I just instantly knew I was meant to have a part in it!" Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir)
Eremittens Dal will be release on Peaceville on CD, LP and digitally (with digital pre-orders receiving “I Hornenes Bilde” as an instant download) pre-orders available here:


Eremittens Dal tracklisting:

  1. Hedningens Spisse Brodder
  2. Holdere Av Fortet
  3. Forsteinet I Hat
  4. Eremittens Dal
  5. I Hornenes Bilde
  6. Likfølget
  7. Et Rike I Nord
  8. I Enden Av Tauet
  9. Mørkets Alter
  10. Gravøl

Though Mork is essentially a solo-project, a full live line-up has been established, where the band has already played throughout Europe and parts of North America, plus famously a recent show in Izmir, Turkey, following in the footsteps of the legendary Mayhem.

Mork will perform at the Hellbotn festival in Kolbotn, 2nd September, with more dates to follow.

NIGHT VIPER – "Exterminator" VÖ: 20.10.2017

Album: Exterminator
VÖ: 20.10.2017
Label: Listenable Records/Edel


Since the first whispers heard in 2014, the name of Gothenburg’s NIGHT VIPER has only gotten louder and louder. Thanks to a blistering debut album on Svart Records and a reputation as one of the most energetic, exciting and downright headbangable live bands around, NIGHT VIPER is now a must-see band for all metalheads. Their combination of intense early Metallica-style riffing, organic sound, and extremely catchy melodies has resulted in supremely memorable songs that set them far apart from your average metal band.

Despite their short time together, NIGHT VIPER have already put in a lot of miles on the road. They have toured with Dead Lord, Lizzies, Demon head, and headlined their own highly successful tour in early 2017. In addition, they’ve proven themselves to be highlights at festivals such as Muskelrock, Roadburn, and Hell Over Hammaburg.

The release of their new single and video, ‚Summon The Dead‘, in March 2017 signified for them a new level of intensity, and will lead them into their second album, here in due in October 2017 Recorded in Madrid with Ola Ersfjord (Tribulation, Primordial, Dead Lord, etc), this album finally captures the grit and excitement of seeing the band live, and will turn the band from being not only a must-see, but also a must-hear, over and over again. Prepare yourselves!

01/12, Hamburg, Bambi Galore
02/12, Berlin, Urban Spree
03/12, Leipzig, ZORO
05/12, Wien, Escape-metalcorner
07/12, Linz, Kapu
08/12, Würzburg, Immerhin
09/12, Kassel, Goldgrube
17/12, Oldenburg, MTS