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URIAH HEEP – "Living The Dream" VÖ: 14.09.2018

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Band: URIAH HEEP  Album: Living The Dream VÖ: 14.09.2018 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood Fast 50 Jahre Hard Rock Geschichte. 40mio verkaufte Tonträger. URIAH HEEP feiern ihr Top 10 Chart-Album "Living the Dream" und damit die höchste Chart Position in Deutschland, seit 1974. eclipsed - Album des Monats: "…frisch, vital und inspiriert… Starkes Album!" Rock It 10/10: "…eines in sich völlig [...]

VEGA – "Only Human" VÖ: 11.05.2018

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Band: VEGA Album: Only Human VÖ: 11.05.2018 Label: Frontiers Music/Soulfood ONLY HUMAN is the fifth studio album from UK melodic rock stalwarts Vega. The band produced the album and also teamed up with the legendary Canadian musician and producer, Harry Hess of Harem Scarem on mixing and mastering to bring their fans another gem of a melodic [...]

VIOLATION WOUND – " With Man in Charge" VÖ: 27.04.2018

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Band: VIOLATION WOUND Album: With Man in Charge VÖ: 27.04.2018 Label: Peaceville Records/Edel THE NEW STUDIO ALBUM OF VIOLENT PUNK ROCK FROM AUTOPSY MASTERMIND CHRIS REIFERT Californian act Violation Wound was born in a beer and whiskey-soaked basement in June of 2013, driven to create 100% real punk rock. Nothing trendy, nothing wimpy, nothing pretentious, just [...]