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AGUSA – "Agusa" VÖ: 27.10.2017

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Band: AGUSA Album: Agusa VÖ: 27.10.2017 Label: Laser’s Edge/Alive   Swedish psychedelic/progressive rock alchemists AGUSA present their third full-length album, and second for Laser’s Edge, simply titled Agusa. AGUSA‘s output invokes visions of nature and the cosmos, their ethereal passages meandering into realms of a possibly supernatural or parallel existence. While not an entirely instrumental act, backing vocal mantras only [...]

ASP – "zutiefst" VÖ: 27.10.2017

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Band: ASP Album: zutiefst VÖ: 27.10.2017 Label: Trisol/Soulfood   ASP - Die 20.000 Meilen Tour 2017 präsentiert von EMP, Orkus!, Piranha, Slam und Virus   27.10.17 Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle 28.10.17 Leipzig, Haus Auensee 29.10.17 Hamburg, Markthalle 30.10.17 Stuttgart, Im Wizemann 03.11.17 Würzburg, Posthalle 04.11.17 Hannover, Pavillon 05.11.17 Saarbrücken, Garage 08.11.17 München, Backstage Werk 09.11.17 Berlin, Huxleys Neue Welt 10.11.17 Dresden, Alter [...]

FLEURETY – "The White Death" VÖ: 27.10.2017

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Band: FLEURETY Album: The White Death VÖ: 27.10.2017 Label: Peaceville/Edel     THE WHITE DEATH - The third studio album of dark and disturbing experimentalism from the Norwegian avantgarde-metal legends due for release on Peaceville FLEURETY formed in Ytre Enebakk, Norway in 1991, and are known for their experimental & boundary-breaking approach to black metal. Peaceville Records are proud to [...]

CHRIS JAGGER – "All The Best" VÖ: 20.10.2017

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Band: CHRIS JAGGER Album: All The Best VÖ: 20.10.2017 Label: BMG Am 20. Oktober 2017 erscheint Chris Jaggers Retrospektive "All The Best" als CD/DVD bei BMG. Eine Zusammenstellung von sechzehn Tracks, darunter der brandneue Song "Avalon Girls". Die DVD beinhaltet die Dokumentation "I Got The Blues In Austin", in welcher auch sein Bruder Mick Jagger einen kurzen Auftritt hat. Chris [...]

THE QUIREBOYS – "White Trash Blues" VÖ: 08.09.2017

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Band: THE QUIREBOYS Album: White Trash Blues VÖ: 08.09.2017 Label: Off Yer Rocka/Soulfood   Die fleißigen THE QUIREBOYS liefern ein Blues-Klassiker Cover-Album ab. “Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved the blues. I used to buy The Blues Collection magazine back in the 90s - I’ve still got all of those CDs. It’s a genre that I’ve always loved [...]

NIGHT VIPER – "Exterminator" VÖ: 20.10.2017

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Band: NIGHT VIPER Album: Exterminator VÖ: 20.10.2017 Label: Listenable Records/Edel   Since the first whispers heard in 2014, the name of Gothenburg's NIGHT VIPER has only gotten louder and louder. Thanks to a blistering debut album on Svart Records and a reputation as one of the most energetic, exciting and downright headbangable live bands around, NIGHT VIPER is now a [...]

MORK – "Eremittens Dal" VÖ: 13.10.2017

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Band: MORK Album: Eremittens Dal VÖ: 13.10.2017 Label: Peaceville/Edel   MORK – NEUES STUDIO ALBUM – "EREMITTENS DAL" NORWEGIAN BLACK METAL FROM THE RISING UNDERGROUND FORCE COMING TO PEACEVILLE THIS OCTOBER FEATURING GUEST APPEARANCES FROM DIMMU BORGIR AND 1349 MEMBERS MORK - "I Hornenes Bilde" (Video director Daniel Pedersen – Punkrockphoto)   "Many have tried, many have failed. Mork nails [...]

SPARZANZA – "Announcing The End" VÖ: 13.10.2017

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Band: SPARZANZA Album: Announcing The End VÖ: 13.10.2017 Label: Despotz Records/Cargo   Huge guitars, high-octane pile-driving energy, choruses that wind around melodies that you cant’t get out of your head and a darkness that never lets up -  these well-known elements of Sparzanza’s music mean that their fanbase is growing. The band’s street team “Black Cult” have outposts all over [...]

DANIEL CAVANAGH – "Monochrome" VÖ: 13.10.2017

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Band: DANIEL CAVANAGH Album: Monochrome VÖ: 13.10.2017 Label: Kscope/Edel Anathema's visionärer Songwriter DANIEL CAVANAGH veröffentlicht Solo Album am 13.10. via Kscope.   Einen ersten Eindruck vermittelt die YouTube Premiere von "The Exorcist": Daniel Cavanagh - The Exorcist (from Monochrome) Riding the waves of his success with Anathema’s latest album The Optimist, which includes a worldwide headline tour, multiple summer music [...]